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Posted By admin on 10/09/12 - Bookmark Little Laney

Watching girls like Laney while they are masturbating can be exhil-arating. Especially if the girl doesn’t know you are watching!

I used to watch the sister of a buddy of mine while she fingered herself without her knowing. She would do it after she thought everyone else had gone to bed. She would turn the volume on the TV to zero and then switch over to the cable channel.

One night while I was spending the night over there I could hear my buddy snoring so I knew he was asleep. I crept out into the hallway when I heard some whimpering thinking it was there dog having a bad dream. I was going to see if it wanted to come sleep with me.

Turns out it wasn’t a dog whimpering. It was his sister and she was getting very close to having an orgasm. I got on my hands and knees and slowly made my way to the edge of the couch so I could peer around the side. There she was with her hand inside her panties frigging her clit!

Sweat was beading up on her brow as she groped her young boob. When she came her legs crashed together and her hips gyrated up and down. She tried to be quiet, but her moans were definitely audible!

As she came back to Earth I hurried into by buddies room and waited for her to go to bed. Once she did I headed into the bathroom and jerked off into a pair of her panties I found on top of the clothes hamper.

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